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Together, we are re-envisioning organizational leadership through

Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging


Our Services

Training & Workshops

Training modules and workshops are tailored to your needs. We meet you where you are on the journey towards improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Frequently requested trainings include: Implicit/Unconscious Bias, Navigating Difficult Conversations.

Workforce Climate Assessment

RE-ENVISION utilizes recognized climate assessment tools to evaluate your employees’ engagement and commitment to your company/organizational mission. The assessment would include recommendations for creating a more inclusive workplace environment.

Leadership Coaching

RE-ENVISION recognizes that the leaders of any organization are the guardians of its culture and must undergo the same shifts of heart, mind, and behavior that they want the organization to reflect. Our leadership evaluation and development techniques focus on identifying your leaders’ strengths and growth opportunities. 

Emergency Consulting

We understand that challenges arise within the realm of improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), often with little notice.  If you need a confidential, third-party consult, we are here to help.  Contact us to set up a consultation.

"A wealth of experience, expertise and vision in assisting our organization in rethinking our diversity and inclusion strategy. "

Evangeline Sarda, Clinical Professor of Law
Boston College Law School, Newton MA
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Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in RE-ENVISION Consulting.  Please share your contact details and how we can help.

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